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Technical Forum
Technical Forum
Technical Forum

Zinc is one of the more popular and cost effective metals to electroplate. It is a durable sacrificial coating that generally receives a supplementary chromate coating that provides the majority of the corrosion resistance. Maximum thickness is normally held to 1½ thousandths (.0015) due to undesirable deposit characteristics beyond that thickness.

Job shops generally offer rack zinc and barrel zinc plating with a number of chromate choices, including clear (silver), yellow, black, olive drab.

Part size as well as production capabilities are dictated by tank sizes, weight restrictions, and whether the plating lines are hand or hoist operated, or automated.

Peninsula Metal Finishing, Inc., utilizes a dual hoist plating line that is capable of rack and barrel operation for bulk zinc plating.

The current zinc specification generally used is ASTM-B-633. The military specification QQ-Z-325 that remains on older prints was cancelled in 1982 and superceded with the ASTM-B-633.


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