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China Time: 06:49  4 / 27 / 2018  Friday
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CMI Base on advanced manufacture engineering and mold capability, Our mold division provide with total solution for precision plastics injection molds to our customers, including product design, mold design & fabrication, injection molding, secondary operations and so on.Molds made by US & Europe standard & components as customer's requested, DME、Hasco、Mouldmaster, etc.Providing complete DFM and Mold-flow analysis for your part. Offering you our expertise for mold design. All your projects will be followed up by our senior project manager and always keep your posted on progress status.CMI specializes in medium size molds and high precision small molds, like automotive parts, electrical & electronics appliance, mobile tele-communication.Most of the molds are using hot runner system and mainly exported to Europe, America and Asia.

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