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China Time: 20:06  3 / 24 / 2018  Saturday
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Machining Shop

Our machining facility is specialized in manufacturing custom-made precision parts & fixture in China for our US, Japan and Europe customers. We also made mid and small quantity parts for our customers prototypes and pre-marketing needs. So no matter what volume of parts you need; We can give you totally solution and offer you good quality parts with reasonable price. We accumulate rich experience in machining field. And always give our customer best service and perfect machining parts.
Easy Communication----Our experienced marketing and engineering with strong Bilingual capability make communication very easy with you.
Fast Quoting ----within 12 – 24 hours for your RFQ.
Free Sample ---we can make free sample for you checking first.
Quick Turnaround ----for your machining parts.
Quality Assurance ---Independent QC / QA from workshop will 100% inspect all parts with high precision inspection equipment.
Save your money on shipping cost---.Most of small machining parts get shipped by DHL/UPS/FedEx with deep discount.

Home   │   About CMI   │   Facilities   │   Quality   │   Products   │   Technical Forum   │   Contact