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China Time: 06:50  4 / 27 / 2018  Friday
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Customer Testimonials
Parts were of the same high quality that we have come to expect from CMI
-- Lasergraphics, Inc. / Craig Cervantes
Parts are perfectly machined, with an inspection report and they were Delivered very quickly. We will continue to do business with them.
-- Christini All Wheel Drive Motorcycles / Steve Chri
Great company to work with, promised the moon and delivered it on time. This part was a complex close tolerance Wire EDM part with secondary grinding and machining. I will definitely do business with them again. They were great in every respect!
-- Longbikes / Greg Peek
CMI delivered an excellent series of 7 parts, some of which had some very irregular geometry. The quality was excellent and we will certainly consider using them again for any parts that are sourced overseas.
-- Dynastream Innovations Inc./ Mason Hender
Enjoy working with you guys. You went above and beyond my expectations.
-- Deluxe Testing Equipment Inc. / Terry Hopper
Very Fast....Very High Quality machined parts. CMI is on our preferred list. From Overland Park Kansas USA
-- HiPerformance, LLC / Bob Riley
Part was good, but part of the drawing was misunderstood. Very quick to rectify the problem and get a new part out. Recommended supplier; will use again.
-- Flyin’ Miata / Brandon Fitch
great parts. quick turn around. will use again. supplier sent a picture of the parts before mailing which was great.
-- Plebian Design / Dan Paluska
one part wrong, but remedied the situation immediately at no charge and excellent service
-- Applied Bottling Ltd./ Darryl Gaudreau
Excellent to work with,highest quality, will use as a direct vender! Thank You CMI.
-- Master Work-Holding, Inc./ Steven Kidd
A superior company to work with. We had an aggressive schedule requirement, and they delivered quality parts, on time, and competitively priced. Their English language skills are excellent as well, and they provided timely schedule status reporting and detailed technical updates. I highly recommend this company as a supplier, and look forward to doing more business with them in the future.
-- Helicos Biosciences / John Price
Great parts, easy to work with, will continue to use this supplier!
-- Automotosports, Inc./ Drew Johnson
excellent company good communication will use again
-- SPEX Sampleprep / Mark Machos
Great supplier communicated throughout build process with pictures and status. Will certainly do business with again.
-- FIGS Engineering / Michael Figaro


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