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About CMI
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Company Introduction
Customparts Manufacturer Inc. Limited. is a registered company in HongKong.Our China factory is named Guosheng located at Shenzhen south China since 2001.With over 10 years continue development. We now have 2 divisions in house and be able to provide with our customer following parts & service:

  • • Precision Machining Parts
  • • Plastic injection molds & plastic injection molding parts
    Also, we provide with our customers following added-value service:
    • Products design and machining technology consulting
    • OEM / ODM one stop shop service

Our factories have rich experience in working for many Fortune 500 companies (GE, Ford, Caterpiller etc.) We have highly skilled and experienced Engineers who work collaboratively on every project. At each manufacturing stage, our engineers work with the operations team to ensure quality control procedures are properly implemented and the specification is 100% in compliance. Each component or parts will go through our QA final inspection and testing before shipping. Our focus is to close the gap and provide lower cost manufacturing through out the world. Sourcing your parts order with CMI is the closest thing to running your own manufacturing facility in China. We offer extreme flexibility for you and your project needs. CMI will provide you with the following benefits and advantages:

= 20-50% savings on manufacturing costs.

= High-quality manufacturing, state-of-the-art precision parts.

= On-site manufacturing supervision for quality control.

= Bi-lingual engineers reporting on your project.

=We provide with totally solution for your industry parts needs.
We will review your RFQ’s and only when we have 100% confidence in meeting your expectations, we will provide you with a quotation. We are looking forward to having opportunity to serve your parts needs!


Home   │   About CMI   │   Facilities   │   Quality   │   Products   │   Technical Forum   │   Contact